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Hair product for only the baddest of Betches!


I Need all the Coop & Oz shit, my stylist styled my hair with it and everyone loves it and I wont be able to repeat this look without it. 


Dude the products are amazing!!! I used Space cowgirl and glossy gal on my clients and we were trippin at how good it was.


Sugar baby smells amazing and it takes all the knots out of my extensions. Thank you!


I have used thirsty Girl Every single day this week, it is literally like crack. 


Loving these products, my hair is shiny and smoother than before, bye bye frizz!



All about Coop and Oz

Coop and Oz was developed by a california hairstylist, wanna be comedian, and a loving wife who is inspired by her two young boys (Cooper and Ozzie) everyday. She specialized in blondes and hair extensions and had a hard time finding products that actually worked so she decided to take it upon herself to develop what she was looking for. After a solid year of testing the perfect formulations were developed and manufactured. this product is for all you strong, bad ass woman and mamas out there that we admire so much.